Sunday, 29 January 2017

Do You Have Trouble While Swallowing ?

Severe or minor difficulty to swallow food is known as Dysphagia. Usually dysphagia is seen as a precursor or a symptom of some disease or disorder of the throat or the oesophagus. Dysphagia might appear in any category of people though it is more common in old aged people, small babies and people with brain disorders.
Brain disorders or diseases that alter the co-ordination between the throat muscles, oesophagus and the mouth can be a cause for this disease as it is the synergy between these organs that makes the swallowing of food possible. Scleroderma, swollen tonsils or stress related problems can also be the cause for dysphagia. The difficulty in swallowing might also be endured due to oesophageal problems like oesophageal cancer, oesophageal reflux disease, abnormal spasm of the oesophageal walls, obstructions in oesophagus or scarring on the walls of the oesophagus that makes it narrow.
It is usually diagnosed with the help of X-ray, X-ray of barium coated throat and oesophagus, laryngoscopy or endoscopy. Oesophagus pH test or Oesophageal manometry are also made use of sometimes.
The usual treatments comprise of medication in case of acid reflux. Endoscopy is used in case there is some foreign object stuck in the oesophagus. Very rarely surgical methods are employed to treat dysphagia when it happens due to deposition fat or any other natural substance which hinders the free transit of food from the mouth to the stomach.
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