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Get Rid of Hernia with Tension Free Hernia Repair Treatment

Hernia is a condition where the tissues or internal organs bulges out through the wall of skin enclosing it. This cannot be cured with medications and needs to be removed surgically. The advancement in technology has put forward a tension free hernia repair method which has become a standard procedure in treatment of hernia. 

Tension free hernia repair as a treatment of hernia, is done with the goal of providing an effective and successful cure for the patient with the lowest post-operative and operative discomfort. It also assures lowest recurrence rate. The patients can return to their normal life routines within a day of the procedure.

Types of Hernia

 Hernia Repair Procedure

The procedure of hernia repair is carried out after administering spinal anaesthesia. The surgeon creates an incision of about 6cm over the location of hernia to place a loop of bowel or fatty lump of tissue into the abdomen. A mesh is attached to the weaker parts of abdominal walls to strengthen them. 

The procedure makes use of a fine, sterile and inert mesh for bridging the hernia defect, in place of the conventional method of sewing together the sides of incisions with stitches. Since the muscle tissues are not sewn together, the tension caused due to the stitches can be eliminated in this method. 

Advantages of Hernia Repair

The procedure is quick, painless, easy with very less or no discomfort present after the procedure. The healing is done so quick that the patient can virtually walk out of the operation theatre. The procedure does not demand the need of prolonged hospitalisation. The recovery period is fairly small and do not require bed rest. The main advantage of tension free hernia repair is that it can be performed on all, irrespective of their age.

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